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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rhinestone Choker

 I love simple elegance, not too fussy but makes a statement. 
I have been looking  for a choker like this forever
but could never find anything close to what I had pictured in my mind.
 I finally had to make what was in my head,
and Aleene's  jewelry and metal glue made it super easy to create.

What you need:
– Choker I found at H&M $6.00
– Rhinestone Beads * Michaels
– Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue
 Place a small dot of Aleene's glue in the middle.
 Set the rhinestone bead on top and hold until it sets up about 30 seconds to one minute.
 Continue to add the rhinestone beads until you get the look you want.
I stopped at 5 beads.
I let mine sit over night to dry completely.
Wear with your favorite outfit.
Have a wonderful week.
Love to you.

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