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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pointy Toe, Fringe Flats. DIY

Lately I have been working on a lot of  shoe DIY's.   I don't usually stick to one area when I DIY but in the last two weeks I have really been wanting to do Shoes for some reason. This shoe was created mainly because I have been yearning for a pair of Fringe Loafers, like the ones below by J. Crew. There is a link to them below.
Usually when I crave something I try to DIY it.

Change of Subject.
Because I have been getting a few Emails on the Diet I have been doing,
here is a quick up date. I believe I am doing a version of The Paleo diet.
I do not eat Red meat or Pork, I do however eat Fish and Chicken sometimes and Turkey. The main things I stay away from have been sugar, carbs, rice or grains  (fruit in an exception) and any processes food. I also try and eat organic when its available. When I have reached my goal I will most likely re-introduce Brown Rice and Whole grains back into my Diet.
The real  reason I started this diet was to make it easier for my husband,  he was going on a low carb diet to lower his cholesterol. But the secret is that I have been wanting to get healthier and lose about 15- 20 pounds myself, something I have not been able to do for about 15 years. Boy does it get frustrating. I think I  have finally hit on a diet that works with my body type and lifestyle. 

  The great news is that since June I have dropped 10 pounds (Real Pounds not just water weight.)  I have also, ever so slowly been adding different exercises to tone,
mainly for my rear view and waist area.
(After forty Ladies will understand that this area goes completely south of the equator as you age.)

Even though I am pretty active, I am not a very big fan of doing any kind of  workout routine. To be completely  honest, I hate to exercise, so I sneak 90 butt/ leg kicks in while I have conditioner on my hair in the shower, or I am waiting for my coffee to brew. I feel like if I do it this way I am tricking myself somehow.  I have about 10 more pounds to go so maybe by Christmas I will have reached my goal.  I have taken a different approached to loosing weight this  time. I am looking at this as a lifestyle change more that a diet. I hope to be healthier in the other half of my life and to live a active, free of drugs kind of existence.( As in drugs I mean Blood pressure, Cholesterol medicine.)
I have made up some great recipes that have helped me with this and am hoping to put together a little recipe day every week of the things that fill me up and taste good. 
Thanks for reading my little off the subject rant.
I have had few questions about what I have been doing lately so I just wanted to address it.

Ok, back to Shoes.
Make these fringe shoes in about two hours.


Things You Need.
Scrap Leather two pieces ( 2 1/2inches by 2inches)
Suede Cord 12 inches.
Hole Punch
Chalk or Washable Marker
Cutting board
X-acto Knife
Cut two pieces of  leather 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches.
 Turn the leather pieces to the 2 inches at the top and the 2 1/2inches going down
Mark 1 1/2 inches down .
Where that mark is mark every quarter of an inch all the way across
 this will be how wide each  fringe is.

Use your ruler and cut a straight line all the way down from the marks.
Cut the bottom fringe into little points.
Using the smallest hole on the hole punch,
punch holes into the middle of the points.
Flip the leather over and place two strips of glue on the top and right above the marks.
Fold over press down and hold with a clothes pin.
Let that dry about an hour.
Mark the fringe one quarter of the way in, on each side.
Punch two more holes
Place the fringe on the center of the shoe and mark.
 Punch two holes where the marks are..
Cut the suede cord in a 6 inch strip.
 Lace it through  the holes.
Lace the fringe on.
Tie a bow.
Trim if needed.
You could secure the bow with a little  glue so it will not come undone.
I have not done this yet because I am going to change these shoes up.

If you glue the bow, glue under it.
Wait about 24 hours before you wear them, to let the glue set.

I love how they turned out.
If you have any questions just Email me.
Have a Wonderful Day!
<3 U!


  1. Я смотрю на Ваши работы и хочу сказать, что вы большая умница! это надо же все так просто и изысканно. А главное, все можно сделать самим, и такого не будет ни у кого. Вам большое спасибо за Ваши идеи и мастер классы.


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