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Monday, September 7, 2015

Lace up Shoe, DIY

 If you are on Pinterest at all I am sure you have seen lace up shoes in your scrolling. The first time I saw them I was wanting to make a pair. This weekend I have finally made a pair and I couldn't be happier on how they turned out. These shoes are exactly as I pictured in my head. Don't you just love when things work out as you pictured them in your head. This DIY is a pretty simple one and can be done with any color shoe ,in fact I have some leopard shoes I found waiting in the wings that I am going to do this to as soon as I have some extra time.
 I know a lot of you have the day off today and I hope you enjoy every minute you spend with your loved ones. Maybe you could even squeeze in a DIY or two. As for me, I will be working, but the great thing is  that it is a short day so I will be home early . YAY!  Luckily I have amazing people to work with so my days are always good no matter what.
Oh Yeah,  and I made a Video for all of you visual people out there.
Have a fantastic day!
Love ya!

Scrap Leather
Hole Punch
Suede Cord 16 feet
Clothes Pin
 Mark your shoes where you want your holes.
 One in the center front.
 Three holes on each side.

 Cut a scrap leather about 2 inches long
by about 1/2 inch wide.
 Glue to the inside back of your heel.
 Hold with a clothes pin for 24 hours to let it set up.
 Cut your suede cord about 8 feet long for each shoe.
Fold  your cord in  half and thread it through your middle hole
 Weave the end through and pull tight.
 This will anchor your laces.
  Lace your shoes up.

 When you get to the end
 lace them through the back loop you made.

 Now wear with your favorite out fit.
 I added a few home made tassels to these for  variation.
Have a wonderful Day!
If any of you do this DIY I would love to see.
Tag me in Instagram so I can share.


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