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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dip Dyed Lace Shirt

Everyday, people inspire my DIY's . Take this shirt for example. I was working at my other job and this cute girl came in with a lace top on that was colored at the bottom. I immediately told my co- worker / best friend,  "Hey look at that shirt. I am going to DIY that." Which was really nothing new to my best friend since she use to hear me say that daily. 
 But it was a pretty big deal because I don't know if you noticed
but I have been in kind of a little slump lately.
Inspiration that use to come to me all the time was taking a little vacation.
 I don't know why we get side tracked from doing what we love to do. 
Maybe its family, bills, the dirty clothes, dishes sitting in the sink,
 my studio area that needs to be cleaned so I can  actually do a DIY. 
 Life's little problems, and believe me they are not really problems but just life,
 sometimes zap your oomph. 

Over the last two weeks I have been re-evaluating what makes me happy and what my goals are.
 The conclusion that I have come to is this Blog makes me Happy! Inspiring others Makes me Happy.! Connecting with all of you makes me Happy! So hopefully I can pull myself together and do more of what I love and that is to Create and inspire other to Create.If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have found Sailor Sam.  I think Finding Sailor Sam has also been a sign. Life is saying to me"Listen Lady, life is fun and wonderful and Silly.
You have goals and plans stick to it no matter how stressful it gets, keep going."

I have just a little advice to give to all of you.  If a door closes or your course is altered unexpectedly
 that means you most likely are going in the wrong direction.
Take these changes as God saying "Hey down there wrong way!" Then sit in a quite place and listen to what you want, and where you want to be.  If you are quite enough you can here it.  
You are good enough and strong enough and brave enough to accomplish anything. 
So what is keeping you? 
Only You can keep you from those things. 
If you have ideas and want to start a blog just start.If you want to write stories then write your stories.
If you want to sing or paint or be a doctor than just do it.  Focus on the end
not the middle everything else works its self out.  Ok, so That is my little rant.
Now back to the Post.
This DIY I have done is really simple and if you have a couple of rubber bands and some Tie Dye you could have this completed in about one hour, depending on how dark you want the dye to be.

Things you need.

  1. Tulip Tie Dye
  2. Lace Shirt *I found this shirt at Charlotte Russe
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Bowl
  5. Rubber gloves
Place your rubber bands where you want them on your shirt.
fill a small bowl with your dye.
dip your shirt into the dye up to the rubber band
Let the very bottom of your shirt, about an inch, sit in the dye for about an hour.
When you get to  the color you want,
 rinse out the shirt in cold water until the water runs clear.
Let it dry

Now wear with your favorite jeans or pants.
 I think this has just become one of my new favorite Fall shirts.
Have a Beautiful Day.
And just remember.

Love you Guys!


  1. Great idea! I like also your list in the below -as also I'am thinking the inspiration combination with my daily routines:)

  2. I have by the way just made my own DIY Lace shirt - inspired also a white colour and lacy as a material:)


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