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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Red Leather and Rhinestone Bracelet, DIY

 Super easy bracelet made with leather and Rhinestones.
Things You Need.
  1. Scrap of leather not too thick. 1-1/2 inches  7-1/2 inches * Michaels
  2. X-acto Knife
  3. Rhinestone Studs or at Michaels
  4. Ruler. 
  5. Leather Hole Punch  * Walmart
Measure your leather 1-1/2 wide by 7-1/2 long.
Cut your piece.
Using your Ruler as a guide take you x-acto knife and cut slits length wise 
leaving about 3/4 of an inch on each side.
Using your leather hole punch,
 punch two holes on one end.
Insert your Rhinestone studs.
Turn over  add your caps 
and hammer lightly to secure the studs.
Cut two slits at the other end big enough for the rhinestones to go through.
Happy DIY-ing!
Lots of <3,

Here are a few more bracelets I have made.
Links underneath the photo.


  1. I don't use my leather hold punch enough. This is a good project for it and love the bracelets. I have several bobbles I can use, including single earring stones that have lost their mates! Thank you! ~Deb


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