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Monday, October 17, 2011

Project Re-Style #40 Black Tee turned into an off the shoulder, lace, collar shirt

 Welcome, everyone, to my 40th Re-Style.  
WOW 4-0,  only 12 left to do in this year, and I will have reached the goal I made for myself
of 52 re-styles, in 52 weeks.  I just want to take a minute to thank all of my Blog Family for being so supportive and so very kind.  You are all so very wonderful, and I can not thank you enough for all the wonderful energy you send my way..
Thank you , Thank you!!
 I think this is one of the pieces that I am going to put in the art show that I was asked 
to be involved in
I am super excited about that.
OK, let 's get to the Re-Style.
. Do you have a million doilies sitting around in a drawer like I do? Well it is time to bring them out and let them live.  Recreate them into wearable pieces of art. Show off those beautiful pieces of antique work, don't keep them locked away in the dark, drawer.

Things you Need.

 1.Tee shirt
2. Pretty Doilies
3. Sewing Machine
4. Scissors
5.Needle and thread
 Wash and Dry your shirt.

1. Cut off your collar.
  Try your T-Shirt on and mark how wide you want your neck to be.
 2. Take the Doilie you want to use and fold it in half, then cut it carefully.
 3. Now you have two pieces for your collar.
4. Place the doilies on your shirt around the collar, Pin and sew at the top

5. For the little mini tie in between  the two doilie pieces . I just took some scrap t- shirt from the collar and folded it in half and tied a knot at the top. Then I hand stitched it to the shirt.

And that is all there is to it.

Now you have that beautiful doilie out of that dark drawer and enjoying the sunlight in
a little vintage, off the shoulder shirt.

40 down 12 to go
Click on the picture above
for all the details about 
Project Re-Style

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!
Lots of <3
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  1. This is wonderful:)
    I must do it quickly:)
    I invite you when I change my blouse:)
    Have a nice day:)

  2. Ah looks so so sweet! You totally take tees to another level my friend.

    PS My mama LOVES LOVES LOVES her new software!

  3. Just found ur link love this! Ill have to try, thx


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