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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glitter Bones

 I found a quick and easy glitter project on an awesome DIY Blog called Glitter N Glue
I  just love a good Glitter project, don't you?.
1. Shirt
2.Glitter ( I used Martha Stewart Fine glitter in Brownstone and Fire Opal.)
3. Fabric Glue
5.Skull Print out, Below
6.Cutting Board 
7. Exacto Knife
8. Duck tape or any kind to hold down you image
9. Wax paper

First you print out your picture, then place it on your cutting board tape that down. 
Then place a piece of wax paper over the top and tape that down.
Using your Exacto knife, cut it out
Wash and dry your Shirt.

I placed a board in between my shirt, so glue would not leak through.
I taped the Wax paper to my shirt.

I added the glue 
 Using a brush I smoothed the glue out, 
Making sure to work  INWARD so the glue does not go under the edges.

 Sprinkle the glitter on the glue 
then slowly peel off your wax paper.
I had a great Question.
Susie asked."Do you have to seal the Glitter on your shirt, and what do you use?"
I am trying two ways to seal the glitter on a  shirt. 
I will update tomorrow, Wednesday
October 26 at 8:00pm my results.
I searched the internet all over for answers to this question and came up with nothing concrete,
Sooooo, I am researching it myself.
Check back tomorrow for the update.

Update October 26,2011.
Still researching, nothing has worked the way I want it to.
I have called for reinforcements. Hopefully I will know soon.
I did find this glue HERE

but I have not used it yet.
I will pick some up tomorrow.

For the Rib Cadge I did the exact same thing.
The Rib cage instructions are HERE
All that is left is to do is to cut off the collar ~if you want  that loose off the shoulder look~
or leave it alone for a T- shirt look.

I think I could wear these  shirts even after Halloween.
Have fun!!
Lots of <3
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  1. Sweet! You can also iron freezer paper onto your shirt. Just put the freezer paper (wax side down) onto your shirt, turn your iron on the "no-steam" setting, and iron away! Then, after your design is finished it's really easy just to pull the paper away.


  2. That is awesome Moe!! Thank you so much

  3. I love the little skulls! You have so many amazing ways to dress up t-shirts. Unfortunately, I don't have many t-shirts left to experiment with, however I will be keeping my eyes open at thrift stores and on clearance racks.

  4. Hi Anne! I love this idea & want to make some for my sons 11th birthday party this weekend.....but, was wondering.....what will happen when you wash the tee after wearing it? I'm picturing glitter all throughout my washing machine! Or will they have to be hand washed?? Feel like it's a dumb question, but I had to ask! Love your blog, btw, cute restyles & beautiful art! : )

  5. Thank you so much, Susie, for your Question.. And in No way was it dumb. As we speak I am trying some different things to seal the glitter onto the fabric. But to answer your question. If you do not seal the glitter, it will come off. I am putting a layer of clear fabric glue over top of the glitter and letting it set for 24 hours before i wash it.. I will let you know my results in 24 hours. Thank you again for your question.. And I would love to know your email.

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