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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Great Night!

 My wonderful Family
 Hannah and me

 Painting by Laura Beatty

 I feel so honored to be a part of a moment in time, that is honoring such inspiring people. Art is a giant part of my life and I know how it changed me when I was in High School. I did a complete 180 and went in a totally different direction, when I was introduce to art.  There is a whole world of different kinds of  art out there from jewelry, purses, clothes to drawing painting and design. Art is a vast  and wonderful place, that kept me sane when I wanted to go crazy, and it can take you anywhere. Everything we do and see involves some sort of art. 

The ladies we are honoring have been teachers in and around art  and inspiring and changing lives of children and adults for years.  Connie Christoph was my children's art teacher in  elementary school, who passed away this year.  I admired her so much, I was even able to substitute for her class a couple of times, which was wonderful and enlightening.  She even taught from her wheel chair when she was too weak to stand,  she was dedicated until the very end. Connie was taken too soon, but left a imprint on thousands of children including mine, that they will never forget. Ann Norton another pillar in the art community, organized the first Student art show 43 years ago. A graphic artist by trade, she started teaching in 1968, when there was no art in school. WOW what a pioneer! With the help of Joe Michell they set up the schools art program, and a spring Art show every year. I just feel so humbled to walk in the foot steps of these two inspiring and wonderful souls.
Lots of <3

All of the pieces I did  Are on my blog
I will link them below
Dress HERE
Purse with tassel HERE
Doilie and leather purse HERE
Multi- Chain Necklace  HERE


  1. Anne, we're so proud that you're not only utilizing your many talents, but sharing them also. Congratulations on having been invited to show some of your creations at such a prestigious event. We're sure you received many compliments!

    And PS: I'm LOVING my bracelets!!! Thank you~~

  2. Owow! Anne you and Hannah are so beautiful!
    Looks like a sweet night.

  3. I'm so proud of you. I love that you're doing what you love, and sharing your talent with so many others :) I wish I'd known about this event -- I would've been there!!


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