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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ornament Chandelier.

I saw this at the Barn  and thought it looked so awesome. It is a Chandelier made from shatterproof ornaments. I picked neutral colors, but it would look good in any color. The best thing about this project is you only need 3 things. 


Things you need
  1. Scissors
 2. Jute or Ribbon 
 3. Shatterproof Ornaments

1. Cut all the jute or ribbon the same length, long enough to hang in the place that you desire.  I cut mine about 24 inches.

2. Tie the jute to the end of each ornament

3. Gather all the rope tied ornaments in your hand, one by one.  I started with the middle of the chandelier and worked my way out.   It works best if you keep all the ornaments even with each other.

  4.Once I liked how they looked, I tied the rope  in a knot at the top, so I could hang it easily.

All Done. 
I think it would also look pretty if you could put small lights in it some how.  
I am still working on that one.
Have a wonderful Day!!
Lots of <3


  1. sooo cool! I could even do this in my "no painting, no anything! no fun!" apartment. love it:)

  2. ok, now!! This is seriously cool. Looooove the instructions with pictures. Keep em coming!!!

  3. Very cool! I love the modern chandelier look without the high price!! Great job. :)

  4. This looks so easy, yet it is stunning. It's spring as I write this, but I plan on doing this for Christmas this year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. your so welcome. I am going to make another one for summer using blues and teals I think.:)

  5. Really pretty, but what did you do with the lights in the other room?

    1. That is a huge tree branch that I put on my dining room ceiling and put lights on it.


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