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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glitter Headband

Ok,  sooooo... I  wanted to make a glitter headband.

You only need 3 things for the basic head band and if you want to add the flower, then you will need 8 things.
I am going to show you the basic headband.
List of things you need 
                       1. A cloth headband any color.
                       2. Craft Bond Spray adhesive.
                       3. Fine Glitter, your choice of color,              
                          I used Martha Stewart fine glitter in  
                          the color Jasper.

I sprayed the adhesive in 3 inch sections  and sprinkled the glitter on. Then I lightly sprayed the headband all over and gently rolled the headband into the glitter to cover every spot.

There All Done!:)

I made a velvet ribbon flower and added an antique button with hot glue. The link for the velvet ribbon is here.
 Super easy , quick and inexpensive, which is what I like and they would make great gifts for any girl or bear;).
 Pooky was nice enough to pose for me.


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