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Friday, December 31, 2010

5 Things To Do This Year.

Every year I think of things I would like to do before the year comes to an end.  Usually the list is long and I only do one or two things, but this year I have been thinking about doing a short list. This year I wanted to do a doable list and not only doable, but one that might make me want to do more. Life is such a special gift and I waste so much of it worrying about  things that do not matter.  We can do anything we set our minds to do, we just have to take  that first step. Even if that step is so big and you don't know how you will ever start it, you just have to hold your breath and jump.  Believe me I did and I have never been happier.  So here is my list of 5 things to do this year and  here is a Toast to all of you in 2011.  Make this your best year ever. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1.  Take a chance on something you really want to do.
     I know change is scary, but what is the wost thing that could happen? Maybe you could fail, or maybe you would be rejected. The last time I checked  no one ever died from any of those things.  So go a head reach for your dream, take that chance, make the call, jump in head first, you won't regret it.

2.  Eat Better.
     Not Less, just better.  Make better choices, your body and soul will love you for it.

3.  Save $5  a week.
     If you make your own coffee instead of spending money  at Starbucks, right there you save $5 just  like that.   That is $20 a month, $240.00 a year.  That could be extra spending money for a vacation, or that little extra money for something you wanted, or for that bill  that you needed  to pay off.

4.  Change One room in your home.
     You would be amazed at how changing things lifts your spirits. You don't have to spend a lot of money, just moving furniture, making new pillows or a fresh coat of paint on the wall  would do the trick.  Maybe you could use the $5 your saving  every week to spruce up a room. That sounds like a good idea for another blog.:)

5.  Be A Good Samaritan.
     The  Greatest advice my mother gave me was, "Helping others is the best way to help yourself, it makes you quit focusing on  all your problems, and your pain will go away."  That  advice is so true.  Helping others  makes you feel so much better, and it always will.  Give your time and care to someone who needs you.  You could help someone who is  house bound go to the store or cook for someone who  is sick . Time is the best gift, because it is so valuable.   Believe me you will sleep really well at night.

So!!!! There is my not so big  list , as I said I am starting small and working my way up to making this the  
Best ...  Year... Ever!

Me and My Sweet Daughter

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