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Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Felted Heart Sweater

 I really love felting!  Not only is it easy to do, it's super satisfying. I find that sweaters are the easiest to felt because of the loose knit. I have so many Ideas running through my head about different felting designs. I hope I am able to dive into all of them this spring.
Right now I am nursing a pretty good cold so I hope over the next few days i will be able to create  about 4 more heart  Diy's Just in time for Valentine's Day.<3  I  have Linked all of the Supplies in the Things you need list.

Sending Love to all of you!

Things You Need

  •  Decide where you would like the heart to go
  • Place the foam in between the sweater
  • Place the cookie cutter on top of the foam board

  • Pull out the wool and pull it apart
  •  Gather the wool and place it on the top of the heart insied the cookie cutter
  •  Start needling the felt through the sweater
  •  Gradually add the pink working down to the white
  •  Keep adding wool and needling until you get the effect you want. 
  • Too smooth out the wool you can Spritz with water and Iron it out.
  • I left mine untouched.

Love is in the Air Breath it in.


  1. I've never tried felting, but you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is really easy and very relaxing to do. Thank you Linda you are so very Sweet.

  2. This is lovely, we'll try this to my shirt at home soon. Thank you for sharing this valuable post.

  3. Very creative! Each of your projects is brilliant. I like to browse your blog very much. As for me, a very classic and great sweater
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