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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Skull Scarf out of a Tee: Re-Post.


With Halloween Quickly approaching, I really wanted to post a few of my favorite Halloween DIY's that I have done over the last 7 years. 
This was  such an easy,  no sew project and it could be done with any designs,  
Like  Bat Eyes, Pumpkins, Leaves the possibilities are endless.
Oh, and check out my super short Hair!  WOW! I forgot just how short I kept it back then. 
Mind Blowing
I had a 10 inch wide  by 48 inch long strip of knit material left over 
from the bottom of another  tee shirt project I did HERE   
I hate wasting my leftovers.This project seemed like the perfect fit to my problem!I had a lot of fun  making this .I also think it is a super easy kids project. 
Tutorial below

Things You Need.
  •  Knit material *the bottom of a large shirt works great.  Dimensions:10 inches wide by 48 inches long.
  • Small paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Black and Silver Fabric Tulip Paint HERE
  • Tulip sponge HERE

  • I did not use the skull stamp.
  • I used the tulip sponge below.
  • Cut the bottom of a grey or black tee shirt, about 10 inches wide.
  •  If the piece is a tube, cut one side open to make one long piece.
  •  Cut the hem off
  •  Now on each end cut small slits (fringe) about 4 inches long.
  •  Stretch the pieces out,
  •  I used the tulip sponge to make dots all over the scarf.

  • Paint a small   rectangle using the silver paint on the bottom of each circle.
  • This will make  the skull shape.
  • With  a small brush  paint two eyes and a mouth with the black paint.
  • Let all of that dry about 4 hours.


This would also make a great design for a table cloth for your Halloween Party! 

Have A Beautiful Day!


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