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Monday, June 12, 2017

Braided Back, Crisscross, T-Shirt; DIY

I suppose working on DIY Tee Shirts is my obsession.  I try to change a plain tee- shirt as many ways as I can.   It's a challenge and one of  my favorite ways to be creative.  The pink shirt in this tutorial  does have a little hand sewing, but the orange shirt is completely "no-sew".  Trying to make them where there is no sewing involved is my ultimate goal.
Why am I creating all of these sleeveless, cut-up, workout looking shirts?
Well, I am in the middle of a 90 day challenge which I created for me to stay sane.  I am on day 31 and super excited. Giving myself this challenge is something that came out of pure necessity.  I was having a extremely hard time dealing with my Grandmother's death.  I had terrible symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, not being able to breath. I found myself needing to be outside, moving my body.   It is really very scary how your body reacts to high amounts of stress. It is also extremely amazing how your body can deal with all of that by just moving and setting your mind to the direction in which you want it to go.  I was able to get instant relief by walking 45 minutes and so the challenge was born. This small thing has saved me.  It is not an option, it is just what I do now. I do this challenge like I would brush my teeth, get dressed or  take a shower, it is  a part of my daily routine.
 If  you  want to know more about my daily  Challenge you can follow me on Snapchat.

or you can follow me on my Instagram: Anne A. Hollabaugh- WobiSobi.
I am going to start adding different things to my daily walk, like sit-ups or squats.
I have never challenged myself to improve my body before. The honest truth is  I just want to balance my life  Mind, Body and Spirit and I would like to stay sane.  I hope you enjoy this Tee shirt DIY, it was fun to create.

 Video For this Shirt
Have a beautiful day.!


  • Tee-Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Needle Thread
  • Fold the shirt in half
  • Mark from the shoulder to the armpit with chalk

  • Cut on the chalk line.
  • Mark and cut a half circle  on the bottom.
  • Turn the shirt over and mark three lines on the back of the shirt.
  • Cut around the collar.
  • Cut the two lines you made with the chalk.
  • Cut the side piece into 3 equal strips
  • Repeat on the other side piece.
  • The two side pieces will be braided.
  • Braid the side pieces
  • Cut the middle piece into 3 equal strips 
  • Tie off the braid in a knot using the smallest piece. 
  • Trim off the excess.
  • Tie the two braids to the collar

  •   Wrap the side pieces around the collar and hand sew to secure.

  • Cut out the middle piece of the the 3 strips.

  • If you do not want to sew it,  just tie the strips to the collar and trim the excess material.

  •  Same shirt two different styles


  1. Love love love
    definitely trying it out. Sorry about your grandma


  2. Cute top!
    And hey, way to go on the fitness! I know some people turn to much worse things during hard times! Sorry about your grandma :(

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