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Friday, May 26, 2017

Cut up, Workout Shirt: DIY

 Two weeks ago  I had to make a huge shift in my everyday life to save my sanity and help me get though the very difficult time of losing my 101 and 1/2 year old Grandmother Polly.   I knew that if I did not  make a change in my Physical Activity that I would end up losing my mind. I was having serious pains in my chest and it felt like a vice was squeezing my ribs. The last straw was when I  woke up from a dead sleep not being able to breath and being scared to death.  I was able to calm  myself down and eventuality fall back to sleep.  That morning I put on some walking shoes, grabbed  my music and started to walk at least 45 minutes everyday.  This small act of movement has saved me. The pains in my chest disappeared the tightness around my ribs is gone and I have wonderful conversations with my Grandmother. I miss her so much but walking allows my mind to be quiet which makes me hear my Grandmother better and somehow that calms me.  This is not just something  I am going to do for a month or so this is one of my many  lifestyle changes.

I really want to thank all of you for your on pouring love and support over the loss of my Grandmother. Your kind words and love have helped me so much.  She meant the world to me and this is the first real significant loss that I have had to work through. I just have to remember this is  a process and if anyone is going though the same thing I am here if you need to just talk it through. What a beautiful World we live in. I feel very lucky and very Grateful.Thank you All.

The T shirts I am attracted to cost 30$- 40$ (I have bought two.) Because physical activity  is  something I will be doing for a very long time, I better start creating my own, less expensive versions of the shirts I want.   Making your own workout shirt is not only easy but  it is also a great way to save  your hard earned $$$$$$$.
  How easy you ask?  Well let me show you.

 Things You Need
  • Tee shirt 
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

  • Fold the shirt in half
  • Mark the shirt with chalk
  • Cut the sleeves off

  • For a scoop, bottom tank, draw a slight curve upon the folded shirt.
  • Cut the marked line.

  • Open up the shirt then cut the collar.
  • Fold the back part of the shirt in half.
  • With chalk, draw a line, like the picture above.

  • Cut small strips to the line drawn.
  • When done carefully stretch the lines out.

A great summer workout shirt.
Have a Beautiful Day.


  1. You are so very talented and creative. Love all the crafty creations you share! My eyes filled with tears as I read about your new Grandmother time....touches my heart to see how a simply act of walking can be healing in so many ways ♥

  2. Can you actually wash those without damage?

    1. Yes, I have washed mine about 3 times, I recommend no dryer, and hang drying. Great question, Thanks Jenny.


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