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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Double Leather Choker: DIY

Have you ever looked  for something that you have envisioned in your mind and come up with nothing? I have been looking everywhere for some leather chokers that fit my style and personality and after about 3  days of searching and finding nothing I  decided to create my own choker.
These are exactly  what I had  pictured in my mind. 
I have gotten so many comments about these chokers that I decided to create a  tutorial so you can create your very own dainty leather choker yourself.
Things You Need

  •  First you will measure your  3 leather. Strips
  • Wrap a piece of leather around your neck to measure.
  • Make the piece  almost touch in the back.
  • Cut two other strips 2 inches longer than your first strip.
  • Three strips total.
  •  Take the short piece of leather and one longer piece and put a ribbon crimp on one end.
  • Flip over to the other side and with the shorter piece on top and the longer piece on the bottom place a ribbon crimp on the other side.

  •  Add a jump ring and a clasp on one side.
  •  Take the head pin thread it through your bead

  •  Cut off the end and make a circle using the pliers
  •  Attach the bead to the chain using a jump ring.
  •  Attach the chain to the other side of the necklace.

  • Optional
  • To finish the ends of the necklace I used a ribbon findings and folded it over the end of the leather.

  • Optional
  •  I also clamped the two pieces of leather together using the same technique as the ends.
  • Or you could just tie them together.

  • On this one I cut the strips  a little shorter and then tied the two longer strips together.

I love mixing my chokers with other  different chokers, which creates my very own special look.

I am currently working on a video for this choker  that will be coming soon.

Have a beautiful day.

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