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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cut Out Sweatshirt With A Touch of Glitter, DIY

Do you ever just see an Item of clothing someone is wearing and want it,  then  can't find it anywhere?  This is my life.  Half of the things I see online I cant find,  so I create them.  
It's A wonderful thing because creating  is what I love to do.
 December is a super busy Month for me because I am in Retail. Do I love Retail?  No not really.  I would rather spend my day Creating new  DIY's  and doing videos, but for now this is what I have to do.
 I am, however, super THANKFUL and do it with a smile because I have a great team and I LOVE the people I work with so much. Super blessed!

 This Sweatshirt was created because of a picture I saw of Jessica Simpson. She was wearing a similar sweatshirt and it looked so cute and comfy that I wanted one. I  immediately began to search the internet for one and I could not find one even remotely close to it,  so this DIY was created.

Things you need

  •  Cut around the collar about an inch down from the seam.
  •  Cut the collar off
  •  Sketch a pattern in pencil

  •  Go over the pencil with the paint pen

  • Smooth it out with a paint brush
  • Sprinkle the wet paint with glitter.* Let Dry.
  • Go over the paint again with Fabric Glitter glue,
  •  Apply another layer of glitter.
  • Let dry and seal the glitter with your fabric Glitter glue
  •  Let  dry, shake off the excess glitter.
  • Cut out leaf shapes in the middle of the pattern.

  •   Cut out one leaf shape on the bottom side of the shirt.

My Hannah has stolen my sweatshirt:)
 I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Super busy, so I am doing projects on the fly.:)
Lots of <3,


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