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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spider Web Shirt.DIY

With Halloween just around the corner here is a quick and easy costume, a web shirt. I loved dressing up as a child and going out searching for candy. We never bought pre-made costumes we always made ours. Thank you MOM for making Halloween such a fun time for us when we where kids.  Halloween is such a great way to stretch your imagination, and become something completely different for a night.

I have seen a few of these shirts on the internet 
and thought that it would be a great shirt for October and beyond.

Things you need.

  1. Tee Shirt * on this project I used a small men's  Hanes tee-shirt*
  2. Scissors
  3. Chalk
  4. Spiderweb Pattern

  Cut off the collar

 Draw your web pattern or you could use this one I drew.
Just  print the above picture out.

Cut out your pattern.

 Place the pattern on your shirt ,* I put my pattern on a slight angle.
Trace with chalk.

Cut out.

and now you have your very own spiderweb shirt,
put on your spider necklace and your set.
Wear with your favorite tank top.
Glitter Spider DIY, HERE

you can also clip on your spider.
 DIY for Spider, HERE

Have a spectacular Halloween.
Lots of <3,

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