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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flag Tank with A Braided Back: DIY

 Flag Shirts are so much fun to make and I have made a few over the last 5 years.
I saw this shirt at  Charlotte Russe and thought it would make a great DIY.
Why not grab a friend and spend an afternoon creating something you love.

 I also did a Video Tutorial for this shirt
Written instructions below.

 Things you need.

  •  Mark the shirt with chalk.
  •  Cut it
  •  Back
  •  Fold the shirt in half 
  • Mark a slanted line
  • Mark the fringe
  • Cut the lines you marked for the fringe.

  •  Carefully stretch out the fringe.
  •  Tape off the top of the shirt in slanted stripes
  •  Place the shirt on some plastic bags also place a piece of cardboard in between the shirt.
  • Spray with the Red Tulip Color shot paint. Short strokes * less is more.

  •  Tape off the bottom of the shirt and place the star stickers wherever you want.
  • Spray with the Blue, Tulip Color Shot paint
  • Let dry about 4 hours. 
The braided back is Optional
  •  Cut the back around the collar
  • Cut into three equal strips
  • Braid

  • Attach the braid to the collar with a little hand stitching.
  • Trim off excess.

  • Let dry for about 6 hours before wearing 
  • 24 hours before you wash it 
  • Wash in cold water, hang dry.

Have a Wonderful Day!
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