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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chevron Skirt, Strapless Shirt:DIY

 I love multi- functional pieces of clothing especially when I have limited space to pack for vacation.
This is the perfect piece to take to the beach with two functions,
cover up bathing suit skirt and a cute halter.
Not only is this easy to make, it is inexpensive and no sewing is involved.

Things You Need.

 Shirt *mine is a large Hanes Men's
Ribbon or a scrap of a t-shirt
Safety Pin

on how to make the Skirt/ Shirt
 Tape off your shirt right below the sleeves.
(* I do this to guide me to cut a straighter line)
 Cut a straight line right under the tape.
 Cut a strip of knit material from the bottom of another t-shirt. 
This will be your tie.
 Stretch it out and it makes a nice cord.
 Flip your top around to where your bottom hem is now the top of your shirt/skirt.
 Cut a small hole in the hem on the inside.
 With a safety pin  thread the cord you made through the hem and bring out on the other side.
 Lay your stencil down on your material
 Spray the front half let dry 30 minutes,
spray the back half let dry 30 minutes
 For a little more interest I sprayed Silver Color Shot Fabric paint
 over a palm leaf stencil that I made for a previous project. HERE
I placed down the palm leaf in random areas
and sprayed with my Silver Color Shot paint
It makes a pretty, shadow like effect.
Let that dry 1 hour before wearing 48 before washing
Wash in cold water hang dry.
 You can wear it has a halter.
a skirt or a bathing suit cover up.

Easy and versatile two of my favorite things.
Have a wonderful Day!
Lots of <3.
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