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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Leather, Bangle Bracelet, DIY

I love to make easy jewelry,  and working with leather is one of my favorite things. I was experimenting with some leather bangle bracelets over the last week and came up 
with a few cute bangles that you can make yourself.
 This project will only take you about hour
 to produce your very own arm party.
Things you need.

  Leather cord
Cut the cord 15 inches

 Cut a piece of wire about 2 and 1/2 inches

 Twist it around your pliers to make a spiral.

Cute the end of the leather into a point.

Slide the wire on.
 Double wrap the cord into a circle.  I experimented with this a little. 
 Make the circle a little smaller than your wrist.
Make sure the cords are all straight, not twisted.
 Tie a knot around the cord making sure the end of the cord is facing up.

Tie a knot on the other side.

 Trim the excess.
The cords will tighten around your wrist like a slip knot.
 You can add charms


 OR wire, or whatever suits your fancy.
 Pair them up with other bracelets to give it an eclectic look.
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Lots of <3,

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute and easy to make. I wanna pair mine with some seed bead bracelets like you did. Although I have some I made already in going to make more with complimenting colors. So excited for some new arm candy.


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