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Monday, April 18, 2016

Just Kitten, T-Shirt DIY.

Make a t-shirt say anything you want by using Tulip Fabric Markers.

 Place a piece of aluminum foil in between the shirt,
 Place the stencil under the shirt on top of the foil.
 Using the template mark where you are going to make the pink parts,
 which are the ears and cheeks.
 Practice on a scrap piece of white tee shirt if you are not sure.
For the cheeks color a small circle

 with a little water on the brush, dot the circle in a circular motion.

 Add a little more of the marker in sparse places and blend lightly with the brush
*Use very little water

     Once you have your Technique down move to the shirt.
 When the shirt is to your liking let it dry completely before adding your black outline.
* Make sure the shirt is dry so the black marker does not bleed.
Replace the stencil, lining it up to the pink cheeks and ears.
  Draw the cat face and the words
 "Just Kitten."
The tutorial for this open back  tee shirt is 

Let dry 48 hours before washing.
When you do wash it, wash it in cold water and hang it dry.
You could make up any saying you heart desires 
which is the best thing about creating your own Tee Shirt. 
Make it fit you.
~A great Big Thank you to my  Beautiful Daughter for modeling this for me. ~
Have a beautiful Day!
Lots of <3,


  1. Anne, I was wondering who your model was. Your daughter is adorable. Pat S

    1. Thank you Patricia. The Model is my daughter. She was so kind to let me take pictures of her wearing the shirt I made.:)


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