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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Little,Yarn, Bottle Brush Trees: DIY

Who doesn't love tiny,  little things.?
  Ever since I can remember tiny little objects always make me smile and say 
"Oh look how cute this little tiny thing is!"
 My obsession with these little yarn, bottle brush trees is no different.
 I sit down after a very long day, turn on an old movie and begin to decompress 
by making these cute little trees. 

But before I mastered the tree making frenzy,
 I did a little research on the internet. 
This tutorial is a combination of a few ideas I have come up with 
to make these cute little trees a little easier  to construct, 
you wont even need hot glue.
I am thinking pink and red little trees for  Valentine's Day would be so cute.  

I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks before Christmas. 
 I am most definitely enjoying them because 
I have made a deal with myself to take the time to enjoy this Holiday Season.
How am I going do this working about 50 plus hours a week?
Well First off, I have taken time for a trip once a week over to  Walt Disney World to enjoy it all dressed up for the Holidays. "We have Passes".
Watching a Christmas movie every night
(even if it is after a 13 hour work day and only for the ten minutes that I can stay awake.)
To eat something Christmasy. 
Make something Christmascy.
Give something Christmacy.
Get dressed up and go out and enjoy a Christmacy dinner
 somewhere beautiful three(3)... more times before Christmas.
*"I have three more Christmascy Dresses I want to wear.:)"
and Listen to something Christmacy.
Every Day.
If you are in the retail world or have a crazy paced life, 
sometimes you get so wrapped up in the crazy 
that you forget to enjoy Christmas.
I made a vow to myself this year that I would not let this season pass  without me enjoying it.  
So here is one of my "Make something Christmacy" promises to myself.
I hope all of you enjoy too.

Things you need.

Templates out of heavy card stock or cardboard
I cut out my own out of heavy card stock.
  1. Yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. Wood Disc *Michaels
  4. 3 in one tool. Walmart *Michaels
  5. 16 gauge wire *Michaels
  6. Small screw
  7. Screw driver

First of all cut your template this one is 9 inches tall and about, 2 and 1/2 inches wide at the base.
Pick the  yarn you want to use 
( Big thick yarn makes fat fluffy tress, thin small yarn makes smaller trees.)
 and start wrapping at the top of your template working your way down
I wrapped the template all the way down then I wrapped it back up to the top. 
*Be sure to hold your hand at the top so the yarn does not slide off.
Cut a piece of  wire double the length of the tree, leaving about 3 inches of extra wire on the bottom.
Fold the wire in half.
Place the wire over your yarn press down the wire with your fingers 
to make the wire a little tighter on the yarn.
Hold the yarn and the wire with your fingers  and slowly pull out the paper template.
Twist the wire a couple of times at the base to hold the yarn into place.
Cut each side of the yarn.

I took my Pliers and pinched the top wire to make it tight on the yarn.
Hold the tree with both hands and twist the wire around all the way down until you get to the base.

Trim up the excess yarn.
Now for the base.
Take the disc and your screw and screw a hole into the middle of the disc.
You will have to judge what size  screw you need with the size of the wire you use 
and how big it is when it is twisted together. I hope that makes sense.

Twist the trunk of your tree 
you may need to use your plies for this.
Screw the trunk into the hole of the disc.
and that is it.
I made a bunch and I gave them away at work,
Fulfilling my "Give something Chrismascy!" promise I made to myself this week.
The black one is for one of my most favorite persons in this world. (She requested black.:) I think Black and Sliver Trees for A New Years  Eve party would be a beautiful table decor.
I hope you all have a beautiful day.
I am thinking about doing a video for this, if you are interested in a video,
Please make a comment below.
Lots of Love to you all.


  1. Thank you Anne, I have been waiting for this tutorial and am so happy to see how easy it will be to create these adorable little trees. I am going to get started on these immediately. Have a great day, and a wonderful Christmas. Many Hugs Mary

  2. You are so creative!! These are so lovely. I have to try this!!!

  3. You are so creative!! These are so lovely. I have to try this!!!

  4. lovely :) so smart idea :) thank you for sharing :)


  5. Merry Christmas Anne: What a beautiful idea, I am so happy you have this project on your BlogSpot, this is something my 85 year young Mother can do with my Great nephew (6) thank-you again, you made my day.


  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Karine Have a Merry Christmas.Hugs


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