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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dark Chocolate, Almond, Coconut Bites.

 Here is another yummy, healthy snack you can munch on during this Holiday season.
When I decided to go Sugar and Carb Free, normal chocolate was off limits because of how high in carbs and sugar it is. I have always been a fan of dark chocolate but the 60% kind not the 80% kind. Now I love the 80% kind.  If you have ever given up sugar you understand that your taste buds change and the things you use to think were just sweet enough become too sweet, almost to the point of being unable to enjoy. When your brain finally says "Hey! Thank you for getting off the  Sugar/crack!" you start to enjoy the little sweet things you can eat. Dark chocolate is one of the best things for you.  HERE are 7 reasons why you should eat it. With that being said, all things need to be done in moderation. One should not sit down an eat 10 bars of dark Chocolate
 all at once that might prove to be quite bad for your stomach. 
Dark Chocolate is something to eat when you really crave that snickers bar or that Reese's cup.
I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.


Dark Organic Chocolate
Organnic coconut
Small bowl
Silpat  or wax paper.

 Break up the chocolate in small pieces and place it in the bowl.
Heat over a double boiler or in the micowave.
I put my chocolate in a bowl and then in the micowave for 30 seconds,
 I took it out stirred it up, then placed it in for another 20 seconds.
Pull the bowl from the microwave and sir it until all the chocolate is melted.
*Do not over cook or it will burn.
Let the heat from the bowl melt the chocolate as you stir.

 Place your almonds and coconut on the SilPat in little clusters.
 With a spoon pour slowly over the clusters.
Let cool completely. 
Then enjoy when you need that little extra help.
I even think these would be good if you put a little cayenne pepper in the chocolate Spicy and Sweet.
I hope your day is beautiful.
Lots of lot <3.


  1. yum!! i have been craving chocolate, haha!

  2. Yummy! I am huge fan of dark Chocolate! I have made these!! And my family loved them. Thank you for the recipe and review :) xo

  3. Anne: Thank-you for this wonderful easy to do recipe, wow just in time for Christmas.


  4. Anne;Thank-you for this wonderful recipe, it looks yummy, just in time for Christmas.

  5. Guess I will be adding this recipe to my Christmas Candy and Bake day. Love it, thanks Anne Big Hugs

  6. I like that it is a healthy recipe. I like your new post on your blog. Have a very merry Christmas :) xo

  7. Sounds really delicious ! Thank you.


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