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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heart Cut-out Shirt, DIY

 I first saw this shirt on Pinterest "My Secret Addiction".
 I thought that it would make and easy do it yourself and it did.
Super easy, inexpensive  and cute, my favorite kind of DIY.

Click "Read More" for the full tutorial.

Things you need
Small Scissors

 I am slowly re-designing my outdoor work space. 
I love working early in the morning or at dusk outside. 
I seem to create better outside. I have a few things left to do. 
I will post pictures  as the space progresses.
 Lay your shirt out flat and draw your heart

Now draw your little rays coming from it.
Do not make the rays too close to each other, you want a little space.
Small scissors worked better for me. 
Cut all around your heart

 This is what it looks like with no shirt under it. 
The best part is you can put  any color you want under it to change the look.
 Here it is with  yellow

Red and pink would look amazing too.
Have fun making it.
Lots of <3


  1. Love this! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-no-sew-heart-cut-out-t-shirt/2015/04/10/ --Anne

  2. Running take one now......With scissors in hand!!! Lolol!!!!! Love this!!!

  3. Do you have a PDf of the design?

  4. Me encanta!!! Está genial yo uso mucho las playeras sin logos ni bordados, me gustan lisa y está idea está muy bien tendrás algunos otras figuras?


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