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Monday, April 6, 2015

All Seeing Eye Shirt,DIY

 I see these shirts everywhere and I love them
so I decided to DIY my version of  it.

 Things you need

Parchment paper
Trash bag
X-acto knife
 Cut your shirt  like the picture above
*The front is cut slightly different from the back.
 Cut the Back
 Cut apart where the two meet at the seem.
 Tie them
* This way you can adjust with your body.

 I drew an eye from the internet.
 Using my X-acto knife I cut it out.
Place your garbage bag on your work space
Lay your shirt down.
 Place your parchment paper between the two layers of shirt.
 Tape off a triangle.
Tape off the  Rays coming from the triangle 
and stripes.
Spray  your shirt.
 I used a little more spray around edges.
 Let dry for about 8 hours then peel off your tape.

 Have a wonderful Monday.
Lots of <3.


  1. Świetny blog i zdjęcia ;*
    ja dopiero zaczynam więc będzie mi miło jeżeli do mnie zajrzysz ;)

  2. Love that shirt!!, and the way you paired it with the shoes and belt, very nice, would you share the brand of trousers' you were wearing for that DIY?

    1. oh woops! e-mail kathleenheld@sbcglobal.net


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