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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gold Kiss Tee:DIY

 I have made several of these Lip Tee's. I have to admit they are one of my favorite tee's to make.
It is a really easy way to transform a simple tee into something of a statement.
This one has the warm, gold feelings of Fall.

Things You Need.
  1. T-shirt * I used a Mens small for this project. I wanted it to fit a little tighter than my slouchy shirts.
  2. Scissors(optional)
  3. Tulip Fabric Glitter Spray
  4. Gold glitter.
  5. Lip Stencil 
  6. Clear Contact paper
  7. X-acto knife

Print out this lip.
 Cover the stencil in Clear contact paper.
 With an x-acto knife cut it out.
The contact paper will make it reusable.

I wanted to try this Tulip Stencil Spray
Lightly spray the back of your stencil
 *Blot off excess glue.
You can do the project with out it,
 although using this does make your edges sharp.

 Place your stencil where you want it.
 Spray all over using your Tulip Glitter Fabric Spray
paying close attention to the edges.
 Sprinkle glitter all over the lip, the glitter will stick to the fabric paint.
I repeated the spray/ glitter process 3 times.
 Peal off your stencil.
 Let dry for about 8 to 10 hours.
Wait 24 -48 hour before you wash.
When you wash, wash  in cold water and hang dry.

 For a more slouchy look use your scissors cut off the collar.
Blowing you all a Big Gold Kiss.
Have a fabulous day.
Lots of <3

For more Lip DIY
Head over to my Pinterest Page

1 comment:

  1. does the glitter come off at all and get on other clothes in the wash?


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