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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Expandable Wire Bangle With Charm, DIY

I love the simplicity of wire bangles. I saw a few over the last week
 and I decided that I could make some.

This bracelet by  Alex and Ani
cost $98.00. 

Mine cost about $3.00 to make with Silver wire.

Things you need

  1. Wire 14 gauge and 20 gauge
  2. Medium jump rings.
  3. Bead
  4. Pliers
 This wire I bought at Michaels for about $13.00
First cut your wire about 15 inches long. * I did not straighten out my wire because it was already in the circle shape. I eyeball a lot of things so I just made sure the wire made two circles.
Take your pliers and bend each end in a 90 degree angle.
Wrap each end 3 times around the wire. 
Cut the excess wire and use your pliers to bend the end down.
Adjust to fit any wrist.
Or Small
To make the wrapped skull bead to hang off of your bangle,
Cut a length of 20 gauge wire about 7 inches long and thread it through your bead.
Using your pliers bend the end into a circle.
Wrap your wire around your skull several time until you get to the end.
Wrap the end of the wire around the circle you made to secure it. 
Cut any excess and bend the end down.
You can wrap and kind of bead to make a charm.
With both of your pliers open your jump ring.
Attach the bead to the bracelet.

Make a whole bunch and add different charms to them.

Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of <3,
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  1. oh, oh, oh - loving this. Going to my beading box right now to see if I can make this today! Thanks for sharing it, another great tutorial

  2. Great googly moogily!!! To my neglected jewelry making supplies I go!!!! Girl. YOU ROCK!!!!


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