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Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Minute, No Sew, Grey Drapped Vest: Revisited.

I have had  so many questions about this super easy vest you can make in only 5 minutes that I am going to re-post it.  I made this vest  2 years ago because I wanted a quick, cute vest. 
 There are written instructions along with a short video.
to you all!

 This Re-Style will be slightly different, because I am adding  video instructions. Gasp!
That's right, I am jumping off the dock and into the dark, cold waters of the unknown.

Things you need
  1.  Extra large, Shirt Mens Shirt * I use Hanes Tee-shirts.
  2. Scissors
 Cut where the red marks are.
 Here is a quick video on how I did it

I hope this video explains it for you. 
Please leave an Email if you have any  questions, so I can reply back to you.
How I wore this Vest

 You can also use it as a scarf , just wrap around your neck and pull one end through the hole.
some other vests I have made are
Vest from a scarf  HERE ,   
another no sew vest HERE
Have a wonderful day.
Lots of <3,

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  1. I feel like buying so many tees and making as many vests as I can
    Thank you so much for this blog.
    Guess someone found a new hobby apart from watching series haha :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wow...your creativity is awesome !!! thank you for sharing.

  4. Anne, I took this a step further and got some tulip glitter paint in "diamond", taped off horizontal stripes before cutting (so they would be vertical after cutting) and painted both sides of the shirt....it was sparkly and stunning!! thank you so much for your ingenious ideas...they help this stay-at-home-mom stay in fun new fashions without breaking my husband!! ;-)

    1. Awesome!! I was Always looking to save money when I was a Stay at home mom too:).. thank you so much for your sweet comment.

  5. wwwuuuuaaaaoooo que creatividad!!!!! me encanto!

  6. I used one of my ex-husband's shirts and turned it into this... but it was a little small (I'm a size 16). What size t-shirt would you suggest for my size?

    1. I would use a xxl the bigger the shirt the better it hangs:)

  7. Can you make this video available for us to watch on our mobile devices? I tried watching it on my tablet, but was told it's not available on this platform. I am using an iPad mini :(


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