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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turquoise, Teardrop Bead Bracelet: DIY

It seems like I have been on a Turquoise kick lately.
 I guess maybe it is my new favorite color of the moment.
Things You Need.
  1. 24 Gauge Wire *Michaels, Wal-mart
  2. Teardrop Beads *Michaels
  3. Chain, at least 7 inches *Wal-mart,  Michaels
  4. Pliers
  5. Clasp *Michaels
  6. Jump Rings *About 10 of them *Wal-Mart,  Michaels.
  7. Ruler
Measure 9 inches of  the wire and cut it using your pliers.
Make a circle at the one end of the wire wrapping it around about  two or three times.
Put the other end of the wire through the bead and bend it up.

Wrap the wire around the top of the wire and work your way down.
Make about 8 of them.
Measure your chain about 7 inches long, cut it with your pliers.

attach a clasp and a jump ring on each end of the chain.
Lay out your beads out where you want to place them on your chain, 
 then attach a jump ring to your beads.
Then attach them to your chain.
Hello new bracelet.
Wear with your favorite outfit.
Have a Wonderful Night.
Lots of <3,


  1. That's so awesome!!! You make it look so easy!

    thanks for sharing another fabulous tutorial!

  2. LOVE turquoise and this is the cutest little bracelet...great tutorial too!

    1. Thank you Nancy, I am going to make another one in black I think.

  3. Great idea. I'm so making this soon. :)


  4. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Bead bracelets

    1. Thank you so very much:) Adina.
      Have a wonderful Day!

  5. I'm a big fan of anything turquoise. Love your tutorial and the bracelet. It's really pretty!


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