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Monday, March 18, 2013

Rhinestone Sunglasses, DIY

I have been wanting to decorate a pair of sunglasses with rhinestones for a while but was afraid I would just make a big glue mess.  I was forgetting the fact that  I try everything no matter how messy it gets and I try to make it easy for you to do it too. I think I have come up with a solution for gluing anything onto sunglasses.

Things you need
  1. Sunglasses *Wal-Mart $5.00
  2. Aleene's Max Tacky glue *Wal-mart
  3. Rhinestone chains *Wal-mart
  4. Q-tips and a small bowl of water.
 Now don't be rushed on this project.  I would plan it at least a day or two before you want to wear them, because they will need to dry over night.
Measure your rhinestone chain  and cut it to the length you would like.
 I am doing a line all the way across the top of my glasses.
 You can always cut down but you can not add length, remember this when you measure.
 Find the middle, you can mark it or just remember.
 Lay your rhinestones face down on the table an place a very small bead of glue across the back of your rhinestones. Try not to use too much glue.
 Find the middle of the rhinestones chain.
 Place them carefully on your sunglasses from the middle and work your way out.
Take your time, if you smudge some glue do not panic,  I cleaned mine up with a little water and a Q-tip.

 Let dry 24 hours.

I just might add another row of Rhinestones.

 But for now just one row.
 Happy Monday.
Lots of <3,


  1. I love black sunglasses and every time I find cheap ones I stock up for projects!! These look great!

  2. cute idea!! I really like the doubled up rhinestone chain -I think the extra width fits the frame of the glasses better :)

    1. Mee Too, I will be working on that later today:)Thanks


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