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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gold Stripe, Tuxedo Pants: DIY

I have seen this trend all over and thought it would be easy to recreate
 with a pair of pants I all ready had.


Things you need.

  1. Pants
  2.  Tape
  3. Tulip Gold Fabric Paint HERE
  4. Tulip Stencil Sponge HERE
  5. Paper Plate

 Tape the side seam of your Pants. Make the stripe as wide as you want.
Pour your pant on a paper plate.

Sponge the gold down the side of the pants in between the tape lines.
 * if your pants are stretchy make sure you pull apart the seem and pant there to.

Let dry about 4 hours turn over to the other side and repeat. 
once the paint is dry,  carefully peel off the tape.
 wait 24 to 48 hours before your wash them.
 Wash is cold water and hang dry.

I was thinking that I might do glitter down the side as well.
Have a wonderful Saturday.
Lots of <3,


  1. wow, I just found you on pinterest.. love the fun outfit with the new jeans!! I've been looking for ways to take in my husband's military jacket... did you tailor that one yourself?

    1. No, I was lucky enough to find that shirt, it fit me perfect.:) but i am sure a tailor would do a wonderful job taking in a jacket.:)

  2. Love how these turned out and also really like the metallic gold.

  3. Muito legal...amei a ideia e vou compartilhar.


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