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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Brads Have It. DIY, Purse Re-Style.

I have been doing a little Fall, cutter clean up and in this process have discovered several purses that need a re-style. I found some brads for cheap, which I thought  would make a great embellishment for this one red purse that is now my new Red Clutch.

Things you need
  1. Old purse
  2. x-acto knife
  3. Brads * I bought at Michaels

 Cut off the straps
 Save that for another project
 Start in the middle and cut a small slit.
 Place your brad through the slit.

Bend them back

 Continue all the way around the front edge of the purse.

 All Done

Wear with your favorite outfit.
I hope your Monday was Wonderful.
Lots of <3,

1 comment:

  1. Really like this restyle. I've been seeing more DIYs (jewelry, fashion etc...)using brads which makes me happy because they are cheaper than studs and more accessible to people who read my blog. I posted one photo and a link back to you on my blog.


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