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Friday, September 7, 2012

Charm Me, Charm Bracelet DIY.

I am heading off for the weekend and I wanted to make a few, fun  pieces to wear. 
Charm bracelets are big again and I have so many left over charms and chain from other projects that I thought I would combine them to make my very own special charm bracelet. 
Easy, Easy.

Things you need.

  1. Chain 6 1/2 inches long.
  2. Pliers
  3. Jump rings
  4. Charms
  5. Beads
  6. Clasp

Add a large jump ring  to one end of your chain,
then add a medium jump ring and your clasp to the other end.

Space out your other jump rings where you would like your charms to go.

Arrange your charms.

With pliers open the jump rings, add your charms
 then add the jump rings and charms to the chain.

Now  wear.
Have a wonderful Friday.
Lots of <3,
Heading to O town for the weekend.
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  1. BEST DIY i have seen yet!!! Thanks for sharing WOW so impressed!
    LOOKS amazing!
    Follow each other???
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  2. OMGosh I love it so much!...my favorite thing is a charm bracelet and you have now shown me I can make my own....THANK YOU so much for this little lesson....would you like to see the one I make for myself using your instructions? :)

  3. wonderful, i love charms bracelets! and i love DIY!!! ^_^


  4. I love this blog! I am Brazilian and I'm always seeing everything around here!


  5. Anne I just got caught up on your blog and now I have a HUGE urge to start making some clothes. I love that about your blog. Your are an edgy fashion diva. You always give this mama inspiration:>

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic

    1. Thank you so much Danielle, I hope that you are doing well.:)

  6. tq..good info...love it..sharing is caring


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