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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rhinestone, Hinge Bracelet DIY.

 Use a hinge to make a bracelet.
 Easy DIY.
 This is my version.
Also seen on Love Maegan HERE

Things You Need.

  1.  Small hinge
  2. Suede cord
  3.  Braiding Cord
  4. Scissors
  5. Rhinestone studs ~Michaels (Not shown)
  6. Hammer( not shown)

 Cut two lengths of  suede 12 inches.
 Put your suede through your hinge like the picture above.
 pull the suede to make it tight.
 repeat on the other side
 cut a piece of tan cord about 9 inches
 bring your two ends of the suede together and connect them with the tan cord making  a square knot.
 More instructions on the square knot HERE.

 Place the bracelet across the widest part of your hand 
and tie a knot at the end of each.
 Trim off the excess
 All done
or maybe not.
I added Rhinestone to one of them:)
 Put your rhinestones  through each of the holes, one at a time, then place the back on  it.
tap lightly with a hammer to secure.
 One with bling,
one without.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Lots of <3,


  1. Hi I love love your DYI's and have even just made your flag t-shirts for me and my BFF and I'm dying to may your leather bracelets; however I just can't seam to find the studs you use. Can you please post a picture of the bag or the maker of the rhinestone studs you use? I would really appreciate it! LOVE your website!


  2. Ooops my email is wrong it's o.alvarado@me.com

    1. Hey...did Wobisobi ever tell you where she got the studs for her hinge bracelet? Could you share with me if she did...please and thanks!!!

  3. Hi...I love your tutorials and ideas! Brilliant....but I would also like to know where to buy your rhinestone studs you show in above "hinge bracelet". Please~!
    Thanks, Karen

    1. Hey Karen I purchased the rhinestones at michaels In the leather section I hope this helps <3


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