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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Off the shoulder Flag Shirt, DIY

With July 4th  just around the corner I just had to make an  American  Flag shirt.
This  shirt  is similar to the heart shirt I made for Valentine's Day,

Things you need

  1. 2 Tee shirts
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Pencils
  5. Chalk
  6. Fabric glue
  7. Glitter
  8. Straight pins ~not shown~
  9. Sewing machine
  10. Grey thread
use your ruler and chalk and  draw a flag.
 with your scissors cut out the stripes of the flag.
Turn your shirt inside out
 Cut a square of  the red tee-shirt
 and pin it to the back side of the tee-shirt over the flag.

 with your sewing machine, sew around the outside of the flag,
 and sew  down the middle of  each stripe.
 I used my tape to draw a circle for the stars
 With fabric glue 
I made 13 dots and then put glitter 
over the glue and let that dry.
 My stars.

My very own Fourth of July shirt.
Have a most wonderful Wednesday.
Lots of <3,


  1. cute! I have to figure out a version for the Canadian flag :)

  2. I love it ! Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  3. SMARTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! m gonna try this for surE :D
    hav recently tried ta red n grey combo for my indian attire- looks great


  4. great :)
    I'd sew before cutting, but it's just my opinion. If I will do it that way I'll tell you. Good blog:)

  5. I sewed before cutting. I do not think that was the better option!

    1. I think sewing before cutting is much harder..

  6. This Shirt is so beautiful! Thx for the idea...I sew my own last week :-) xoxo Heike

  7. Nice share! Thanks a lot for such a lovely blog posting this time around as well.


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