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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Leather Earring, DIY

I am a little obsessed with leather earrings lately.  Here is the leaf/feather tutorial. You, yes you,  can make these cute little earrings in no time flat.  I am also doing the tutorial for the knot ones that are in this picture.  That tutorial will released on Friday.
 For now, let me show you how to make the Leather Leaf ones
OH and I did a video tutorial too.

Things You Need

  •  Draw out the leaf shape with the chalk pen

  •  Trace the first leaf to make a second one.

  •  Make Two matching leaves.

  •  Fold the top in half

  • Using the Leather hole Punch, Punch  a small hole in the middle of the fold.

  •  Open the jump ring.

  •  Weave it through the two holes
  •  Add the earring hook..
  •  Close the ring.
  •  Leave them just like this or turn them into feathers.
 I drew a line down the middle of the leaf with the back of an X-acto knife,then I cut small strips up one side of the feather/leaf. just to change it up. Experiment with different colors.

This earring goes with all face shapes.
Blessings to you and a NEW and Exciting YEAR!
I have a few things I will be trying out  this New Year that I will be announcing on Friday..
So Excited.



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