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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Palm Leaf Halter: DIY Repost

Ideas about how to recreate a t-shirt are constantly haunting me. 
I have so many thoughts about t-shirt it's a little crazy.
Why do I always go back to using t-shirts?
Well,  who doesn't  have a t-shirt lying around,
and if you don't have one they only cost $5.00.
Here is a quick way to spruce up a plain old white t-shirt.
Oh.. and I am also a little obsessed with Palm leaves at the moment.

 Things You Need

  T-shirt* I use Hanes comfort blend Tee's *medium
Palm Leaf Stencil * I made mine
X-acto knife
Cutting board
Trash bag
Wax paper 
Four pieces of card stock or heavy paper.
Chalk or Pencil

 Lay your shirt down and draw these lines.

 Cut the shirt where you traced the lines.

I cut the bottom hem of another shirt for the tie that goes around the neck,
or you could use a ribbon.
 Tie that piece around your neck
 Tie the front strips to the piece tied around the neck.
  Tie the back strips to the back part of the tie,
the bow in the middle.

 You can bring the ties close together for a halter.
Front View
Same with the back.
 Back view
 Or spread them apart for just a tank top

 Now let's cover this in beautiful Green Palm leaves for some interest.
I printed out the picture I wanted from the internet.

 Using an x-acto knife I cut out the palm leaf.

Place a garbage bag down on my table then Place my shirt on top of the bag.
 Place wax paper in between my shirt.
 I taped 5 pieces of card stock around my picture for over spray.
 I used Tulip Color Shot in Green and Neon green.
I first sprayed an even coat of Green,
Then I sprayed the neon in the center for a highlight effect
 Repeat that step as many times as you want.
wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before wearing.
Let dry 24 hours before washing in cold water, hang dry.

I made a video on this but it is Halter dress/coverup, similar to this one
for all of you visual people like me.

Lots of <3,
For more of my T-shirt DIY head over

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  1. Very cute! You look lovely! Keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing it just right. Thanks for all the super cute clothes I now have.


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