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Saturday, July 21, 2018

No Sew, Grey, Summer Tee-shirt Dress: DIY.

Working on no sew tee shirts is probably my favorite thing to do. Figuring out and creating different designs is always a challenge and so rewarding when they work out the way I see them in my head.
This cute little dress came from a mess up tee which goes to show you that sometimes mess ups are the best.  You really need to be open minded and think outside the box when you create because your best might come your worst. "Such is  Life." 

 Things You Need.

  • Tee Shirt  *This is a 3xl Tall.
  • Chalk
  • Scissors

  • With chalk draw a line from the top collar to under the armpit making it slightly curved.

  • Flip the shirt over and draw these lines,  the one marked in orange will be a cutout

  • Fold the shirt in half front side out.
  • Draw triangles like is in the picture

  • Flip the shirt back over and cut the front of the shirt where the marked lines are.

  • Cut the back of the shirt.

  •  Now mark and cut the back of the shirt  again where I  have marked it  here.

  • Fold the shirt back in half and cut out the triangles.

  • Tie the top two strips together 
  • Cut a small hole in the top triangle
  • Weave it through the to ties
  • This is going to hold the bottom piece up.
  • Tie the two strips to the collar
  • Tie the sides together * totally adjustable.

Love you guys!


  1. Anne, you are an absolute genius...I’ve been following you for a while now...you are without a doubt the best T-shirt refshionist on the web...you have so much talent!...Thank you for sharing!

  2. I loved that dress. I have shirts sitting on my cabinet for years. I think I will have to make this.

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