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Monday, February 26, 2018

Pearl, Jean Skirt DIY

 I have been seeing Pearls on everything from jeans to purses. 
This is really cute trend that is easy to copy and  with a few supplies of your own
 you can turn a old skirt, pair of jeans or a clutch purse into the latest trend.
A really wonderful friend of mine ask me to jazz up this skirt with pearls,
how on earth could I refuse.  

 Things you need.

  •  Place the pearls and crystals on the item you desire.
  • Arrange however you would like.
  •  Starting at the top and working your way down place a drop of glue on the material.
  •  Place the pearls on top of the glue bead
  • Work with one pearl at a time.
  •  Place and glue crystals randomly by a few pearls for that extra sparkle.
  •  Let dry for 72 hours before washing or wearing.
Now you have the latest trend at the fraction of the cost, 
not to mention you have updated an old piece of clothing.
 Recycling at its very best.!

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