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Monday, January 15, 2018

Off the shoulder Tee- shirt dress:. Re Post.

I am looking back through all of my DIY's and this is
was one of my favorite DIY's that I have done to date.
I am dreaming of those warm summer days where this can be worn.
A little blast from the past.

This dress is an idea I thought would be cute and easy to make for summer,
It's made out of two plain black  T- shirt. You can dress this dress up for a fun night out or 
dress it down for a day of shopping or a stroll on the beach.
Very similar to the off the shoulder dress I did for Brassy Apple HERE 
but with a twist.

Things you need.
  1. 2  T-shirts *I used a Large for the top and an Extra Large for the bottom.
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Large Safety Pin
  5. Straight pins
  6. 4 studs * Hobby Lobby in the leather section.

  •  Measure the shirt with a dress you already have
  •  or measure from your shoulder to just below your hip
  • Mark your shirt.
Shirt #1
  •  Cut where you marked

Shirt #2
  • Cut a straight line right under the arms, ( this will be the bottom part of my dress)


  •  Pin the two shirts Right sides together.

  •  Sew the two shirts together about and inch above where they meet..  
  •  Turn the bottom part right side out,
  • Sew an inch below where you sewed your first line.
  • This will be the channel where the tie will go through.
  • Cut a small slit in the center of your channel.
  •  From the scrap part of the shirt that you have left over,
  •  cut an inch wide strip.
  •  Stretch it out to make a rope.
  • Attach the end of the string to a large safety pin,
  •  Weave it through the slit all the way around the the other side.

 Now, for the one shoulder look.

Mark a diagonal line from under one arm to the top of the other shoulder.

  • Mark a diagonal line from under one arm to the top of the other shoulder.
  •  cut on your line

  • Hem a 1 inch hem
  • *You want to leave an inch channel so you can weave a knit string through it.

  • Out of your scrap material, cut a one inch strip.
  •  Stretch it to make a knit string.
  • Make a small slit at the top of your shirt in the hem.
  • Attach your knit string to a large safety pin and thread your knit string through the channel.
  • You could Dress it up even more by adding a pretty sheer ribbon or a sequin ribbon instead of a knit string.

 Now you can tie it up as tight or as loose as you want.

Thinking of summer ?
This is a through back DIY that was one of my very favorites.

Lots of <3,


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