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Sunday, July 17, 2016

DIY, Beach Tunic

 Hi everyone.
I was at the beach all last week for some much needed R&R. Every year we try and arrange to go for at least a week and we plan it with my family, my brothers or sister and their families.  This year it was just our family and my brother and his family.  My sister in-Law found this amazing little island off the coast of Florida that was really private and it was  just what we all  needed. The house was beautiful and it sat on the bay where my husband could keep his boat and steps from the beach.  The best of both worlds.  I grew up going to the beach every summer for at least 2 weeks, so when  July comes I  feel like I need to be on a beach somewhere.
While we were diving to the beach that little voice popped into my head, "What if I forgot my beach cover up.?" Then my mind started racing, " OK, so no big deal.  I will just make one."   So what,  if  I forgot one of the main things I need while I am at the beach....
 If you find yourself  searching through your suitcase and you have forgotten your beach cover up don't panic.   All you need is a tee shirt and some scissors and you could make this easy tunic in no time and still look cute at the beach.
      Once we got there I searched for my cover up and it was there, but I still wanted to create this one to show how easy it is to improvise and have it not ruin your vacation. The hotel should have scissors or if there is a store near by you could buy a pair. ( I rarely travel without a pair of scissors.)  Even though I had my cover up, I  still wore the one I created for a couple of days because I like it.. My daughter even wore it when she came for a a couple of days.
The only thing I would do different is make it with a larger shirt.  The shirt I used was a men's medium and I think I would use a Men's large or even a extra large to cover up just a little bit more.
 When shooting the full body shots of me wearing this I really had to figure out how it was going to be photographed.( I didn't bring my tripod.)  Our room had great light so I propped up my camera on a bunch of blankets and set the timer. Thank goodness. I didn't have to take a million photos to get the shots I  wanted.   Still, I had just come up from the beach, no make up and my hair was so wind blown.... but hey that's reality right?
I will post some of my beach photos soon, it was an amazing place.
Have a beautiful day and remember improve is part of life, so just go with it.

I also did a Video 

  Things You Need

  •  Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or I used the hem of the sleeve.

  • Cut the collar in a v shape
  • Cut off the sleeves

  •  Cut down each side of the shirt.

  • Mark three dots on each side of the shirt.
  • With the scissors make small holes.

  •  Cut the hem off of each sleeve.
  •  Lace the hem through the holes created.

  •  Tie at the bottom.

The photos here show the tunic with the white ribbon,
I switched it out  and replaced the ribbon with the hem of the sleeve.  
Just in case there is no ribbon around.

Have a wonderful Day.
Lots of <3.


  1. Such a great idea. I am not near the ocean, but we do have a lot of lakes around here though. This would be cute for going to the pool in too. Thanks for the tutorial Anne, excellent job..(as always) Stay cool my friend and have a wonderful day!

  2. You are so creative, Anne! Knowing how to make this tunic comes in handy for almost any type of casual occasion! Looks really cute on you!

  3. Beautiful!! Sorry I'm not speak English. I like your diys so much. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much Maria. Have a beautiful day.


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