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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Off The Shoulder Tee, DIY

I have seen off the shoulder tees everywhere this spring.
 I really want to attempt to make one out some very pretty,
 floral material but first I had to make one out of,what else, a T-shirt.
This one is pretty easy because there is just a little hand stitching involved.

  • XL Men's Tee
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin
  • Elastic
  • Needle a Thread
  • Fold the shirt in half, Cut a straight line right under the shoulders of the shirt.
  • I use tape to help keep my line straight.

  • Cut off the shoulders.
  • Turn the shirt upside down with the hem at the top.
  • Turn the sleeves with the hem up.
  • Cut a small hole on the inside of the hem on both sides of the small seam.
  • * make sure not to cut through to the  other side.
  • Measure the elastic by wrapping it around your arm and your chest.
  • Attach your pin to the end of the elastic.
  • Thread it through the hole and around the to the other side

  • Tie it off.and trim the excess.
  • Attach the two arms to the side by hand stitching with a  needle and thread.

Happy creating.
I think it would be fun to tie dye this.
Have a wonderful day!
Lots of <3
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  1. This is so adorable, quick and easy! It's like making an upside down shirt! Lol! Love your cool shoes, too!

  2. As I commented on my blog, every time I think you can't top yourself... you do! Love this tee refashion - how it's put together and the use of the bottom hem. Also, I've been following your getting healthy story, and you look so happy in these pics :)

    1. Thank you so much Luv. I am feeling really good, no sugar agrees with my system. thank you as always for being so very sweet. XXOO

  3. Just did this and turned my ok t-shirt into my favorite t-shirt. Thank you!

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  4. Great survey, I'm sure you're getting a great response.
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  5. just finished it! thx for great tutorial! :)

  6. Oh my goodness,I just saw this(August 2017), and can not wait to try it! I made three of your tee shirt vests, one out of a too small Heather pink tee, and it looks so cute with a white tank, another one I made with a men's large black tee, and my mother AND my daughter try to "permanently" borrow it! The third one, I went a little crazy with, I cut the back, and laced it back up, then mixed bleach & water in a spray bottle, and sprayed the bottom heavily, then lighter as I went up, it's my fav!

  7. you're such a great artist! <3 xoxo from malaysia! ^w^


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