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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chevron Tie Dyed Wrapped Tee

Trapped inside for a couple of days because of snow?
Why not tie dye a few shirts to help pass the time.
 Plus dreaming of warm weather is always a good thing to make you feel warmer.
This is a great project for kids too.
 Tie Dye is one of my favorite craft projects. 
 I love it because it always surprises me when I  make one.
This summer I have been experimenting on different techniques,
and different ties of folds, rolls and wrapping.
Not only does Tulip One step Tie dyes make it super simple and fast, 
Tulip makes it and  a lot less messy.
I was so pleased when this side wrap turned into a  Chevron design.
My only advice is to wear gloves at all times,
but even with gloves you will get dye on your hands.
Winter and Tie Dye, is a great thing.

Things you Need.

Stick or Pipe
Baking Pan and Rack.
Fold your shirt in half.
Then half again.
take your pipe or wood stick and start rolling your shirt from the corner.
all the way up.
Tie you cord on one end.
Wrap the cord around your shirt
Secure the cord at the bottom.
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Fill your One Step Tulip bottle to the line with water.
Pour one half of the bottle on one side of your shirt, 
turn the shirt over and pour the other half of the bottle
 on the other half of the shirt.
Let the shirt sit over night.
Put your gloves on and rinse your shirt in cold water
 until the water runs clear.
Hang dry.  
When you wash your shirt, wash in cold water and hang dry 
or dry in the dryer.

To make the basic open back tee,
 Go to the tutorial,
 I love how this turned out.
I hope you all have a wonderful week.
 Lots of <3,
for more of my DIY 
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