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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cut Out Sweatshirt DIY.

 I love it when you can change something so simple into something fun 
and different with just a pair of scissors.
This sweatshirt has been a thought in my brain for a while now. I finally decided to sit down and make it a reality. Scissors seem to be my best friend when it comes to DIY's.
This super easy Sweatshirt can be yours on about 15 minutes.


Things You Need

 Sweatshirt * mine is a men's small.
Find the middle of the sweatshirt by folding the shirt in half and marking it with chalk.
I marked the top edge of the sweatshirt with chalk I was careful to mark in between the seams.
Cut that out.
Take the one side that you cut out and Flip the cut out over and use it as a template.
 Trace and cut.
 Mark a V shape in the middle.
 Cut that out.
 Try on the sweatshirt mark your sleeve where you want to cut it.
 Use the cut sleeve to mark the other sleeve.  
Cut that sleeve.
 Fold the sleeve.

and you are finished.

 I loved how mine turned out.
Have a wonderful Day!
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