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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Peanut Butter/Coconut Spread Smoothie!

 You guys may not know this about me but I have been low carb-ing it for about 6 weeks.  One of the most surprising things is I would never in a million years think that I would ever give up sugar or carbs for any length of time, I loved bread/pasta way too much to even entertain the idea. But alas I  confess I have been carb free for longer than I have ever been in my life.  Now I still do fruits and natural carbs lets not get crazy . As a matter of fact fruit is most likely my staple food along with leafy greens, all vegetables  and some lean proteins like chicken, turkey and fish. But white starchy foods like rice, potatoes, sugar and bread that is all just a faint memory. 

The reason why I went on this crazy low carb diet started with my husband who wanted to lower his cholesterol and loose a few pounds. He went full on no sugar right off the bat. Which was almost our demise.. I don't know if you know someone who has gone low carb before or you have yourself  but you turn into this stark raving mad person you didn't even know existed inside you. I had to deal with Angry Kevin for about 3 weeks.  It got to a point where I was like "WOW you are a crazy person, don't talk to me until you can find one nice word to say or I am going to eat alone tonight!" I was alone for about 3 weeks, not really, but you know what I mean Eventually, Mr. Nice Kevin came back and apologized for all the nastiness he bestowed upon me.
 I on the other hand approached low-carb  a little more slowly than he did.  Mine was more like walking into a pool of cold, cold water that you have no idea why you are in. Ever so slowly I would eliminate things  the last thing to go was the sugar in my morning coffee, which I compare to me putting my head all the way under the water and WOW it's so freaking cold!!! but like all things your body adjusts and then you kind of slowly say  "This is really, really nice." 

 I make smoothies most mornings and sneak green stuff in them for Kevin.
You can't taste them they are a just an added healthy bonus.
This Peanut Butter smoothie is his favorite, plus it has protein in it 
which is what he thinks he needs.
If you want to send your kids to school with a yummy beginning,  this is the smoothie for you. I also put his vitamins in it,  they are capsules so I just open them and poor them in.
( We have a special  vitamin for low-carb dieters.) 
I think Kevin found the vitamins somewhere  on-line.

Some advice for anyone trying the low carb thing. Have lots of patience for the one you love,
the crazy Carb- Mind thing doesn't last too long.
Also I have to note I try and eat all organic and natural foods. I drink No Diet drinks or anything with Aspartame, which I  call the most dangerous thing they add to our food.
Why I feel that way is HERE
I hope you try this and let me know how you liked it.

What You Need

Coconut milk 
Organic peanut butter
or Earth Balance Coconut Spread/Peanut spread.
Kale or Spinach
Ground flax-seed * I grind it myself with my nutri-bullet
*Vitamin Optional

 First, the night before I freeze some bananas. I use about 2 bananas if I am making the shake for both of us. I love frozen banana they just make this smoothie tasty. * I keep frozen bananas in the freezer
A great big TBS of Peanut butter
1 TBS of Ground flax seed
1 cup of Kale or Spinach

 Mix it all up in your blender or nutri-bullet 
or what ever you have to make them.
I cut my straw in half when using a small glass.
Drink up and Enjoy!
Heading out to see two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world
My 99 year old Grandmother and my Mom!
Have a Beautiful Day.
Lots of <3.


  1. Hi Anne, been a fan of yours for quite a while now, and this post really got my attention. I myself just started on a new life style eliminating starch, grains and sugar. This smoothie seems like a great way to start the day, and I will have to go to the store to buy the ingredients and put it to the test. Your blog has always been an inspiration for the crafty side of me, and now I am impressed with your sharing a more personal side of you. Thanks for sharing and I will let you know how the new lifestyle goes for me....if you are interested. I have a FB site called DESIGNS by MARY J...check it out. Thanks again and have a great visit with your mom and grandmother. Mary

    1. Hey there Mary! T hank you so very much for this comment. I will most definitely check out your Facebook page. I want to do more post like this. I am going to try and add a few of my personal testimonials in along with my DIY thank you for the encouragement.XXOO
      <3 Anne

    2. Mary send me a link to your Facebook page i want to make sure i like the right one!

    3. Here it is Anne

  2. This smoothie looks amazing I to will have to get the ingredients to try it. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more post like this! I always enjoy your DIY projects you are very creative and talented!!

    1. Thank you so much Lorraine. Have a wonderful night. XXOOO


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