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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Eye T-Shirt DIY

 My Niece was over the other day and saw an older shirt I was working on
 and asked if I could make her one.
 Here is her one Eyed shirt I made out of Tulip Fabric markers and a grey t-shirt from Hanes.
  All you do is add a little water and it gives you a watercolor effect.
I will show you how below. 
Let's make one.
Things You Need
Small Bowl of Water
Small Brush
 Cut off your collar for an off the shoulder look.
I went online and found the picture that I wanted and printed it out.
Then I traced over the picture with a dark marker.
I placed the picture under my shirt and traced that with a piece of chalk
*This would would a little easier with a white shirt.
 I took my Tulip Fabric marker in black and
 I traced over the chalk lines for the outside of the eye.
 I placed my small brush in a little water and lightly went over the black lines.
I took a green Tulip Fabric marker and colored the Iris and used just a touch of water to blend it in.
For the pupil I used a black marker and I left just a small amount of the pupil without any color 
to give the effect of highlight.
* use your water lightly not to much
 draw in the nose hole and lightly go over that with a little water.
 now trace over you lip with the Red Tulip Marker

 dip your brush in a little water and lightly go over your Red lines.
For  more depth on your lip, outline the lip  with a little black
 and lightly go over those lines with a little water.

 Let dry 3- 4 hours before wearing,
24- 48  hours before washing.
Wash in cold water and hang dry.
There are so many ways you can decorate with these Tulip markers,  Pillows, fabric bags, shoes,
All you need is a little Imagination.
Have a Wonderful Tuesday.
Lots of <3,


  1. Love this and great you can trace this since I am hardly an artist! Thank you and pinned. ~Deb

  2. Would you make this and sell it?

    1. Hi Nicole.
      Possibly. What do you have in mind?


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