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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Open Back, No Sew Tee-Shirt. DIY

 Open Back T-shirts are all the rage right now.  
Why not create your very own open back tee for just $5.00?
This would be a great summer project for teens.
Super easy and completely no sew.
Things You Need

 Shirt *this one is a Hanes men's large
Studs *Michaels
 Cut off your collar.
 Fold the back of your shirt in half  and cut a shape that looks like a half bucket.
You can go down as far as you like. 
 I only cut this one to just below the sleeves.

 Take your scrap that you cut out and cut small strips.
Stretch them out.
 I also cut a strip from another white shirt because I needed a little longer piece.
*The grey strip I used is 12 inches the white strip  is 24 inches.
 Take one of your studs and attach the 12 inch  strip to the top corner of the opening.
  Then take the other stud and attach the other side.
 Take your white 24 inch strip lay it over the 12 inch strip 
and attach that using your studs to the shirt right where the shirt starts to curve.
*Keep in mind if you would like to hand sew any of this that is also an option.

 For the sleeves I cut them like the picture above and tied the two strips together.

Have a  Beautiful Day!
Lots of <3,


  1. You are AMAZING !! I love your designs. I always thought I created outside the t-shirt but you certainly take it to a differentt level. Thanks for sharing your wonderful designs!!

  2. Love this design! Thank you for sharing. But where oh where did you find the black lace coverlet? 😍

  3. victoria's secret front close date bra.

  4. Can I see the front? What does that part look like when done?


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