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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Did Dr Oz's 3 Day Cleanse and Survived.

 I have officially completed the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse.
The last day was not too bad. I did get a little hungry around 4 so I ate some fruit and a few almonds. I would suggest having lots of fruit to snack on when you do get hungry and some good almond butter to take a teaspoon of now and then, that way you will see it through. This was more of a mental challenge for me that anything, although losing 5 pounds didn't hurt. I started at 143 and now I am 138. I know it is mostly water weight and that is ok with me. What I really like is that my skin looks so much better and my eyes are white, I don't feel bloated and I have a lot of energy. I would suggest to really mentally prepare yourself to do this, maybe work up to it slowly like starting with one shake in the morning for a couple of days then adding another until you can do all three shakes in three consecutive days. If you are going in to it full board from eating a lot of sugar or processed foods prepare yourself for body aches headaches and just not feeling good the first day and a half basically you are going though withdrawal.
I did have one cup of coffee in the morning. I really love my peace and coffee in the morning so maybe that will be something I give up later. MAYBE.
All in all I will be doing this once a month just to keep me on track.
I really feel like I have accomplished something pretty big.
If any of you have any questions and are thinking about doing the 3 day Cleanse feel free to ask me any questions or let me be your moral support. My sister supported me and that was a huge help. She gave me tips and kept me on track. Cheers to your health and
well being.

Here is my day by day and how I felt. 

Drank a cup of coffee the later the green tea, the green tea made me feel sick for about an hour.
Made my first shake is was tasty
The second shake was not my favorite but by day three I liked it. 
I kept out the celery and ate it separate. 
Tip: Use some frozen fruits or freeze your bananas. 
The colder the shake the easier it was for me to eat.
I was encouraged by my Sister, Sarah,  to take the lavender baths at night and  I will encourage all of you to do this it will help you detox and calm anxiety, not to mention relax you for a great sleep. FYI.. I also  added a few drops of peppermint oil 
which will help if you have a headache from the detox. 
I was a little hungry around 3 or 4 I snacked on watermelon and blueberries 
and I also craved salt so when I did I ate a teaspoon of almond butter.
Day one complete two days  left. 
Feeling  a sense of accomplishment.
Day two I wake up before my alarm wide awake and feeling really good I guess all of those fruits and Veggies had a little cleaning up to do. I feel like a little mini maid has just gone though  my body and cleaned my closet, bathroom and washed my sheets. I really wasn't doing this for the weight loss but I am curious to see if I have lost any weight( mostly water I know.) 143 was my starting weight and this morning I am at WOW 139. Now that is exciting. I have been hoovering over 142, 143 for about 2 months not able to go any lower. Waist seems smaller and my pants fit loose around my middle.
 Drank my coffee forgoing the green tee.
Drank my first shake and prepared all of the ingredients for my second shake. I really  did not want to haul my blender to work because I didn't want anyone to think I was some sort of strange obsessed blender freak, so I opted to eat my second shake. It was like a little mini, really mixed up salad with no dressing, I also snacked on grapes and watermelon. Once I got  passed 12pm the no hunger kicked in.   I really had to force myself to eat all of the food I had taken to work  I even had to bring  some home to snack on later.
Dinner came and went. I wasn't hungry until 7pm  so that's when I made my shake. Snacked on almonds around 9 took a bath and went sweetly into dream land.
Day two complete. 
Lying in bed I thought about how my body was really going to be happy in the morning.

You definitely need to be focused when you do Dr Oz three day cleanse. It's more of a mental challenge than a physical one. If you do this you might go though some withdrawals you might get a headache, sore muscles and other unpleasant feelings which is normal. The chemicals in our food all of the sugar we eat all is addicting. working up to it is key I think. 

Day three went something like this.
I wake up the same way before my alarm and I am wide awake. 
I have made it  and I didn't die or go into convulsions or even feel bad.
Actually I feel really good less bloated,clear headed  and mentally like I accomplished something pretty big. 
I mean I know it's not like climbing Mount Everest or even close but it was a challenge  and I feel really good that I made it a reality.
Drank my coffee.
Make my shake, I am hungry this morning.
 Head off to Target to get a few things. 
Drop my phone in  the toilet (Clean thank Goodness) 
Turn it off right away, dry it under the dryer,
Have a mini melt down in the bathroom.
 Head straight to Publix buy rice and a air tight container.
Contemplate on the ride home about all of the out comes if my phone does not work when I take it out of the rice.
Oh did I mention That I had a phone meeting in an hour with a new potential  business adventure.
Return home and emailed my meeting and they so graciously accepted my apologies and we rescheduled for Monday.  
Made my lunch shake and totally got use to not having a phone. 
Felt freeing almost. 
Went to a hair appointment.
Totally relaxing because of no phone.
Home around 5 and made my last shake for the 3 day cleanse.
Shared on my social media sights that I would have a slight delay on the up dates of the cleanse because of my most unfortunate accident with my phone ...or was it .
Had something SUPER exciting happen via Email that I will share with all of you later.
Right now I am just trying to let it sink in.
Shared the exciting news with one of my best friends, my Mom, daughter and Brother Via my Husbands phone.
Played a game on line with my husband and a few of our friends.
Took a bath 
Watched Gravity ( nope I  haven't seen it yet, yep it was pretty good)
Went to bed
Ahh so sleepy... Oh wait were is my phone?
Oh yeah now I remember  it is already sleeping in a big ol' bag of rice.
I bet my phone is so happy to be turned off for 24 hours.
Off to Dreamland and feeling very accomplish that I  challenged myself and finished with flying colors.

  All in all it was not even close to being bad  and I did loose about 6 pounds.
 I feel really good and now I will introduce only healthy choices back in to my daily food intake
Eating mostly raw and a lot a fruit.
On the road to a healthier me.
 I hope this helped  the ones who are thinking about doing this.
I would suggest reading a lot about it and doing your research.
Coming up with a plan that works for you.
Have a fantastic Day
Lots of <3
P.S. I will let you know about the phone drama
(I am not in any hurry.)
Happy Cleansing.


  1. I have this diet saved on my computer but have not gotten down to doing it. I was thinking of doing the 2 week one but this one is more feasible for me at this time I think. I think you have inspired me. :) Cannot start this week as Im out and about too much but will get all my supplies to camp next week and will get it done. lol I will keep you informed. Thank you. Love your blog and all your T shirt DIYs

  2. Hi! I am planning on starting this on Tuesday. I will be grocery shopping tomorrow and have a few questions. Does it matter if the fruit is frozen instead of fresh? Did you eat fruits and vegetables along with the drinks when you were hungry in between? Any words of wisdom? Thanks! My email is angie.bourgoin@hotmail.com


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