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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Love To Create, Braided Back Tee: DIY

Want to make a fun Shirt for summer? Head on over to
for the full tutorial on this Braided Back T-shirt.
Have a wonderful Tuesday
Lot's of <3,


  1. I like this braided look. I would love to see something similar, but with the TOP half braided up I have a tattoo across the back of my shoulder and I have a hard time finding clothes to show it off. Braiding the top half of a shirt this way would show it off nicely.

  2. This Braided Back Tee DIY looks so creative and fun! I'm excited to try it out! IPVanish mod apk It looks like the perfect way to add a unique twist to a classic tee. I'm sure it'll be a conversation starter.


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